C E N T R O    C U L T U R A L     H I S P A N O
D E     S A N    M A R C O S

Anthony Salazar, Centro Summer 2020 Intern.  Anthony was born and raised in an urban area outside of Houston, Texas. He is currently a senior at Texas State University pursuing a Bachelors in International Studies. “As an intern at Centro Cultural Hispanic, this opportunity has broadened my knowledge and perspective of Hispanic culture, value, and traditions.  For the Hispanic community, I am able to be a voice, share experiences, and support all areas that make San Marcos a great diverse community."

Olivia Montemayor, Centro Summer 2020 Intern. Olivia is a born and raised laredoan and a senior at Texas State University. She is pursuing a Bachelors in Spanish. "Upon looking for an internship, Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos really portrayed to me the values it enriched in Mexican-American heritage for the community. This Internship has allowed me to show how proud I am of my culture and being able to work around these features have impacted me greatly."

Former Interns 

Scott Ethridge, Centro Summer 2020 Intern. Scott was born and raised in North Texas and is a senior majoring in Spanish at Texas State University. “Through my internship at Centro Cultural Hispano I am thankful to be a part of a team that celebrates the amazing and diverse contributions that Hispanic cultures bring to the San Marcos area as well as the state of Texas as a whole.

If you're interested in volunteering or pursuing an Internship at Centro please contact Dr. Ricardo Espinoza, call: (815) 503-2250 or email: ricoespinoza@gmail.com

My name is Adam Maximillian Rech, and I was an intern at El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos. I was able to have this opportunity thanks to the coordination by Dr. Lucy Harney of the Department of Modern Languages at Texas State University and Dr. Ricardo Espinoza. My area of study is Spanish for the Profession and Psychology. Everything I love: art, teaching, sharing, learning, in a capacity that has given me honor, I found during my internship at El Centro Hispano de San Marcos. I will always be grateful to have the privilege of my time at El Centro, and the relationships I have made. Thank you to Dr. Espinoza, Ms. Cathi, Ms. Gloria, and all the Centro family. 22.06.2020

​Lucía Aguilar, a Centro Cultural Hispano Summer 2020 Intern. I was born and raised in Eagle Pass, Tx / Piedras Negras, COAH and  I am a senior at Texas State University. I am pursuing a Bachelors in Spanish along with Teaching Certification. “As an intern at Centro Cultural Hispano, it has opened my eyes and taught me the importance of being Mexican-American and also how our language and culture is so important among our community. This internship will give me the opportunity to help others learn more about my culture by creating a fun and safe environment.”

Karen Saucedo, Centro Summer 2020 Intern. Karen is a born and raised Laredoan and a Texas State University Alumni, she recently received her Bachelors in International Relations. 

"Interning at Centro Cultural Hispano has been a pivotal element as to how I view our community because it creates a safe environment to all, most importantly the unity in the Mexican American community." 

Current Interns