Interested in serving on our Board of Directors?

Contact Centro office staff for an application. Centro membership must be current and up to date. 


Tuesdays - Fridays 2- 6 PM,

Saturdays 10-2 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday

Physical Address

211 Lee Street
San Marcos, TX 78666

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1553
San Marcos, TX 78667





  • Ofelia T. Vasquez-Philo 
  •  Lupe Costilla
  • Dr. Rosina Ruiz Valle
  • Gloria Salazar
  • Margie Villalpando

2019 Board of Directors

  • Dr. Rosina Ruiz Valle, President
  • Lupe Costilla, Vice-President
  • Karen Muñoz, Secretary
  • Frank Arredondo, Treasurer
  • Sonja Villalobos, Parliamentarian
  • Frank Contreras
  • Nicholas Costilla
  •  Rosie Garcia
  • Beatriz Gomez Rodriguez
  • Linda Kelsey-Jones
  • Rosalba Merchant
  • Melissa Rodriguez
  • Celia Rosales
  • Dr. Monica Valadez
  •  Mariana Zamora


  • Gloria Salazar, Program Coordinator
  • Cathi Villalpando, Development Coordinator​

Volunteers & Interns
We are always looking for an extra hand! Please contact our office for any opportunities we may have available for you.